Published On: Sat, May 24th, 2014

Vikrama Simha Telugu Movie Review











Rating: 3.00/5.0

Banner: Eros International

Cast: Rajini kanth, Deepika Padukone, Nassar, Aadhi, Sarath Kumar,Shobana, Jackie shroff, Rukmini and others

Story-Screenplay: K.S.Ravi Kumar

Action: Peter Hein

Editing: Antony

Cinematography: Rajeev Menon

Music: AR Rahman

Produced by: Sunil Lulla, Sunanda Murali Manohar

Directed by: Soudarya Rajnikanth Ashwin

CBFC rating: ‘U’

Release Date: 23-05-2014

Story: Rana(Rajini Kanth) becomes the chief of Army for Kalingapuram and along with his army he invades kotapattanam(ruled by Nassar). The twist here is that Rana belongs to the same kingdom kotapattanam he only came to kalingapuram to take back the slaves to their kingdom. Who is vikrama Simha and how is he related to Rana is what the remaining movie is about?

Performances: Rajini kanth has done fine job. He is good in both the roles. Deepika is okay. Nassar got a meaty role. Sharath kumar and Aadhi delivered okay performances. The cinematography is good. The animation and VFX work is partly good. Music by AR Rahman is good. The story is interesting but the screenplay is not gripping. The Direction is good in parts.

Analysis: Soundarya, daughter of Rajini kanth directed this movie. As the movie employs motion capture technology, the entire film was shot inside a studio and all actions and reactions of the actors were captured by 48 cameras. This is first of its king in Indian Cinema. The whole movie was shot in the same pattern. Soundarya Ashwin has made a brave decision by handling a new technology in her very first film. It is a commendable attempt, even though the output is not of Hollywood standards she should be proud to bring advanced technology to Indian (south Indian) cinema.

The movie is out in the theaters at last after a huge delay. Vikrama Simha is a Period Film which mainly deals rivalry between two Dynasties. Rajni Kanth has done good job. Rajinikanth’s trademark mannerisms have been captured well to an extent. The technical team has been successful in replicating Rajinikanth’s style and mannerisms. The emotional shots, expressions and intensity in dialogues are missing due to use of technology. Deepika Padukune and Sarath kumar were badly captured and they hardly look like them. Director should be commended to bring Nagesh character back on the screen but the dubbing to his character was badly done.

Story and Screenplay by KS Ravi Kumar are interesting. The first half is boring but the second half was good. Cinematography is good the war episodes looked great on the screen. Editing by Antony is good. Music by AR Rahman is good. The songs are badly placed and the second half has a couple of boring songs. The Background score is good. It’s really a tough job to create emotion from Animation feel movies. AR Rahman has managed to do it with terrific orchestration. The narration is slow. The Direction is good in parts. Some scenes were narrated well but some lacked the punch and feel.


The best part of the movie is its duration it’s 1 hour 50 minutes. It is advisable to watch the movie in 2D rather than 3D as the animations may be too strain to your eyes to concentrate. Most of the scenes give you a dark/night effect feel. Technically you may be disappointed by the photo realistic 3D effects. This movie can be remembered as the movie that started a revolution in Indian cinema.


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Plus: Rajini Kanth, Music, Second half

Minus: Screenplay, Slow narration, Visual effects


Verdict: The Movie is an okay watch for one time if you want to show it for kids. If you don’t like Animated feel movies keep away.



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