Published On: Sat, Jan 25th, 2014

Love You Bangaram Telugu Movie Review



Rating: 2.0/5.0

Presented by: K.S.Rama Rao

Banner: Creative Commercials/Maruthi talkies

Cast: Rahul, Sravya, Rajeev, Ravi and others

Background score: JB

Editing: SB Uddhav

Cinematography: Arun.K.Surapaneni

Music: Mahith Narayan

Producer: Maruthi, K.Vallabha

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Govi(Govardhan Reddy)

CBFC Rating: ‘A’

Release Date: 24-01-2014


Story:  Aakash and Meenakshi get married against to their parents wish, they shift to Hyderabad as Aakash gets promoted as Manager. They happily live for a year; slowly Aakash starts suspecting Meenakshi and follows her. What he finds out? Is Meenakshi deceiving Aakash forms the rest of the story?


Performances: Rahul is a misfit, he hasn’t improved in acting. His diction is horrible at times. Sravya is okay. She performed with much ease. The remaining characters have less screen space. Cinematography is Okay. Music is okay with a couple of Average songs. Background score is loud with horrifying vocals. Editing is weak. The production values are low. The story is very simple and the screenplay is okay to some extent(last half-an-hour). The direction is mediocre.


Analysis: Creative Commercials Vallabh and Maruthi collectively produced this small flick. The movie is made on a shoe string budget. The story has a potential to be made as a short film not a feature film. It was dragged on and on with some adult material. The vulgar jokes and exposing of heroine appeal only to frontbenchers.


Music is Average with a couple of reasonable numbers but there is no space for them. The songs appeared as mere speed breakers in the movie. Most of the scenes are confined to indoor (house scenes) and office scenes. The first half is dragged to the maximum limit. The second half also continues in the same manner until the last episode. The adult dosage is more and definitely embarrassing to regular film goers. The director and the team concentrated only on how illegal relationships can be shown.

Cinematography is okay, the outdoor scenes were handled well. The indoor scenes lack the depth. Editing is very weak. Art work is poor. Background score by JB is poor. Coming to acting Rahul is expressionless most of the times. His dialogue delivery and diction irritate you more. He has to seriously attend some acting classes with immediate effect. Sravya is okay. She has expressive eyes. She has done okay job acting wise. Sravya debuted with this movie as Heroine. She earlier acted in few films as child artiste. The frustration of a Govt. employee was show by a character FB which was okay initially but later it wasn’t effective.

The story is weak. It’s a simple one line one. The director wanted to make it complicate with a sudden entry of a character in the pre-Climax. The screenplay is boring most of the times. The dialogues are vulgar and over board. The Direction is below Average. The production values are very low. You may even wonder how creative commercials banner has presented this substandard Adult film. This movie is targeted at front benchers in B, C Centers.


Venditera Meter:

[rprogress value=30 text=”Story/Screenplay  30%” color=”#FF4000″ ]
[rprogress value=30 text=”Performances  30%” color=”#F4FA58″ ]
[rprogress value=30 text=”Entertainment  30%” color=”#00BFFF” ]
[rprogress value=35 text=”Narration  35%” color=”#31B404″ ]


Plus: Heroine

Minus: Hero, Screenplay, Direction,


Verdict: Made for youth and bachelors only.


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