Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

Kotha Janta Telugu Movie Reviews



Rating: 2.5/5.0

Banner: Geetha Arts

Presented by: Allu Arvind

Cast:  Rao Ramesh, Sapthagiri and others

Editing: Uddhav SB

Cinematography: Richard Prasad

Music: JB

Produced By: Bunny Vasu

Story-Dialogues-Screenplay-Directed: Maruti

CBFC rating: ‘U/A’

Release date: 1-05-2014


Story: Kotha janta is a love story between two selfish people. Sirish(Allu Sirish) is program producer and Suvarna(Regina) is program Director and they both come to Hyderabad to work as a team in a TV Channel. Suvarna falls in love with Sirish and Sirish deceives her in the name of love for better growth in career. What happens when Suvarna comes to know the truth is what the movie is about?

Performances: Allu Sirish is okay and bearable but he is still rigid and stiff in front of the camera. Regina is good with expressive eyes and her performance is good (even though she has done a bit of over action at times). Rohini is okay in mother’s role. Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali are okay. Sapthagiri once gain evokes some laughs in the initial scenes. The art work is fine. The cinematography is good. The editing is okay (could have been better in second half). Dialogues are not up to the mark. Screenplay is boring at times. Story revolves around a single point called selfishness which bores you. The Direction is okay in few episodes.

Analysis: Maruti and Allu Arvind teamed up to churn out a love story with Allu Sirish in the lead role. Maruti has come out of his adult jokes and scenes this time. He tried to blend love story with some family elements but he wasn’t successful in doing so. The movie starts on by the introduction of the selfish behavior of hero and Heroine and later focus shifts to their career.

Allu Sirish who made his debut with GOURAVAM has come up with a Love story this time. His body language is not flexible he has to work out more on his expressions and body language. His diction is okay. He has to improve his skills in dance and fights. Most of the scenes he is expressionless. Regina is definite plus to the movie. Her body language and expressions saved most of the scenes. The Comedy gang (friends) have done decent job. Sapthagiri is good but his track is dragged to the maximum and it bores you. Madhurima has done an item song(remix of “Atu Amalapuram”) and couple of scenes. Posani is okay but couldn’t make you laugh after initial scenes. Rohini has less screen time. Rao Ramesh is okay as Channel owner.

Art work is good. The office environment and the outdoor coffee and lunch/Dinner scenes looked rich. Cinematography is good. All the frames looked rich. The song “Osi Prema Rakshasi” was very well shot.  Editing is okay in the first half but could have been better in the later half. The production values are good. Music by JB is okay. All the songs are montage (except Atu Amalapuram) ones only. The background score is good. He effectively used old hit songs where ever necessary.

The director lacks clarity on what is selfishness. Hero not spending on his friends; hero wanting to grow high in career and earn crores of rupees and what not everything was shown under selfishness which was a mess. The word selfish was used ‘n’ number of times and you even get allergy with that word towards the end of the movie. The first half was decent and it was dealt well. The entertainment also looked more like forced one. The complete second half has more repetitive and boring scenes. A couple of interesting threads in the second half could have helped more. If the director could have concentrated well on the second half the movie might have ended up as a decent Love story.

We have to wait and see how the B, C centers embrace this flick as all the previous Maruthi’s flicks were hit because he pulled the masses to the theaters.


Venditera Meter:

[rprogress value=50 text=”Story/Screenplay  50%” color=”#FF4000″ ]
[rprogress value=60 text=”Performances  60%” color=”#F4FA58″ ]
[rprogress value=40 text=”Entertainment  40%” color=”#00BFFF” ]
[rprogress value=50 text=”Narration  50%” color=”#31B404″ ]


Plus: Regina, Cinematography, Music

Minus: Second half, Screenplay


Verdict: Below Average Love story, there isn’t anything interesting.

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