Published On: Sun, Feb 2nd, 2014

Heart Attack Telugu Movie Review



Rating: 3.00/5.0        

Presented by: Lavanaya

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Cast: Nithin, Adah Sharma, Nicole, Brahmanandam, Ali, Prakash Raj and others

Co-writer: Kalyan Varma

Choreography: Sekhar

Fights: Ram-Lakshman

Art: Brahma kadali

Editing: SR Sekhar

Cinematography: Amol Rathod

Music: Anup Rubens

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction-Producer: Puri Jagannath

CBFC Rating: ‘A’

Release date: 31-01-2014

Story:  She slaps him, later hero convinces her for a kiss and she agrees to it as she falls in love with him. Varun doesn’t believe in love or pain he doesn’t believe in emotions and just keeps going on in life. Hayati and Varun get separated and later Varun realizes that he is in love. He starts searching her. Did he find her? What happened to their love story forms the remaining part of the film.


Performances: Nithin has improved a lot in terms of performance; he is growing movie by movie. He has done justice to the role. Adah Sharma is okay; she delivered needed performance more through her eyes. Brahmanandam is okay. Ali has no hilarious track but it helped the story. Prakash raj has done a small appearance (in single costume). Art work is fine. Music by Anup Rubens is definitely a plus to this movie. The songs are good and the Background score is even better. Cinematography is good. Editing is crisp. Fights are effective. The production values are good. The Direction is okay.


Analysis:  Puri handled all the departments like production, Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction. Production wise the movie looked rich and was shot in foreign locales.. The first half looked stylish, even though most of the frames are over exposed to light (like puri’s earlier movie Iddarammayilatho). The editor made the film look very sleek and crisp. Puri this time has gone with his proved story(Desamuduru) —–hero meeting heroine and the complete first half revolves around them and they get separated by the intermission and hero searched for heroine in the second half and rescues from the villain. This movie has the same story weaved on a different backdrop and characterizations. The Dialogues are effective and conveyed the needed mood. The story is routine and the screenplay is flat.


Nithin has done okay job. He improved a lot in diction too. Adah Sharma(1920 movie fame) was introduced to Tollywood with this movie. She is okay and she emoted well with her eyes. Brahmanandam track started off well but later it bores you. Prakash Raj can only be seen towards the climax. Ali’s track is okay and gets gelled up with the story. Music by Anup Rubens is good. Even though all songs of Anup sound the same, this movie has some hummable numbers. All the songs are short (around 3 minutes) and take the story forward. The Background score is very impressive and elevated many scenes. The cinematography too deserves a special mention as the locales are well captured. The movie lacks entertainment or emotional content (other than her-heroine love track).

Even though the movie was made on very much used up love formula by Puri, The well choreographed fights and routine Puri flavored Masala dialogues about youth (present day boys and girls) and good music may be liked by Youth. Puri this time has reached (almost near) to his target Audience (Youth). We have to wait and see how the Youth react to this Desamuduru Part-2.

If you are okay with Violence and love story filled with foul language you can give a try. Family Audience may keep away from this flick.


Venditera Meter:

[rprogress value=40 text=”Story/Screenplay  40%” color=”#FF4000″ ]
[rprogress value=60 text=”Performances  60%” color=”#F4FA58″ ]
[rprogress value=50 text=”Entertainment  50%” color=”#00BFFF” ]
[rprogress value=50 text=”Narration  50%” color=”#31B404″ ]


Plus: Music, Cinematography

Minus: Predictable story & Screenplay


Verdict: Regular Puri Jagannath Stuff and  if you Love Puri’s youthful Love stories you will love this movie.


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