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Aadu Magaadra Bujji‎ Telugu Movie Review

Aadu Magaduraa Bujji Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5.0

Banner: Colors & Claps Entertainment/SNR Films

Cast: Sudheer babu, Asmitha sood, Ajay,Naresh, Suman, Ranadheer, poonam Kaur,Pridhvi, Suman Shetty, Chanti, Krishna Bhagwan and others

Background Music: Sri  & Sunil kasyap

Art: Narayana reddy

Editing: Thammi Raju

Cinematography: Santonia Terjia

Music: Sri

Producers: M Subba Reddy, S.N.Reddy

Screenplay-Direction: Krishna Reddy Gangadasu

Release date: 7-12-2013


Story: Siddhu (Sudheer babu) is a happy go lucky guy and to save himself he puts any one in trouble and escapes. He won’t even spare his father (Naresh), fearing to that only his father keeps distance from his son.  Siddhu falls in love with Indu( Asmitha Sood) on first sight. He joins the same college of hers. Indu has a brother cum Bodyguard (Ranadheer) studying in the same college who beats anyone black and blue who comes closer to Indu. How will Siddhu approach her and make her fall in love, what are the consequences after that form the remaining story.


Performances: Sudheer is okay in fights and dance departments but he still has to work on his voice modulation, it sounds like lady voice. Asmitha is a wrong choice; she is expressionless most of the times. Ranadheer and Poonam are okay. Ajay got a meaty role and he is good as baddie. The remaining cast fitted the bill. Cinematography is good. Art work and editing are okay. Music by Sri is Average. The background score is good in few scenes. Production values are okay. Direction is okay partly.


Analysis: Sudheer babu has come up with another film after the successful comedy thriller PREMA KATHA CHITHRAM. This time he has come up with a routine college love story with entertainment. The love track and the college scenes looked ages old and the first half has many poorly written scenes. The Dog comedy episodes were funny initially and evoked good response in the masses but later too many episodes were little embracing to family Audiences.

Sudheer is okay in the role of a college student who uses others for his living. He showcased his Six-pack body in a couple of songs. His comedy timing has improved a lot when compared to his earlier flicks. His body language in action episodes is okay. He has to seriously work on his voice modulation and diction. In serious punch dialogues he sounds funny and the impact of the scene is lost in many scenes. Asmitha is a misfit; her acting looks artificial with plastic expressions. Poonam and Ranadheer are okay as another pair. Ajay has yet again donned a baddie role. Naresh and Suman are okay. The remaining actors fitted the bill.

The Technical departments have done decent job. The cinematography is good. All the frames looked rich and colorful in the songs. The artwork and editing are also okay. There are few dragged scenes; the editor could have taken care of them also. The story is simple and the screenplay is predictable at times. The scenes are filled with entertainment. The story and the characterization of Hero remind us of earlier entertainer movie ‘Kandireega’. The dialogues in the movie are okay and good in few scenes. The Dialogue writer(s) has concentrated more on rhyming and punch irrespective of the scene and situation. So some dialogues looked out of place and unnecessary. A few dialogues are good like “Pramadaalu Anukokundaa Vasthayi ani Thelusu….. kaani Anukogaaney vasthayi ani Teleedyu  raa…” Music by Sri is okay, a couple of songs sounded good “Adadee.. Tholipremaa” is a cathy number. Background score by Sri and Sunil Kasyap is good in pieces. Some scenes got elevated but some fell flat.

Aadu Magaadra Bujji doesn’t offer anything new but entertains you in intervals. We have to wait for the response of the masses.


Venditera Meter:

[rprogress value=50 text=”Story/Screenplay  50%” color=”#FF4000″ ]
[rprogress value=60 text=”Performances  50%” color=”#F4FA58″ ]
[rprogress value=40 text=”Entertainment  60%” color=”#00BFFF” ]
[rprogress value=60 text=”Narration  55%” color=”#31B404″ ]


Plus: Entertainment, Music (couple of songs)

Minus: lacks strong Story, Heroine, few dragged scenes


Verdict: Below Average Entertainer, Can watch it on a DVD or when aired on TV later


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