Published On: Sat, Dec 28th, 2013

Pawan Kalyan Third Marriage With Anna Lezhneva

pawan kalyan marriage pic

Power star Pawan Kalyan  is said to be legalizing  his relationship with Anna Lezhneva former  Russian model and who played a very small role in a song in  Teenmaar telugu movie . Pawan has actually trying to  register his marital relationship at one of the Sub-Registrar Office in the city.

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s first wife Nandini, who’s name was  Jahnavi is now  married to Doctor Dr.Krishna Reddy  After getting divorce from Pawan Kalyan, she changed her name to Jahnavi.

Dr.Krishna Reddy is son Pingali Ranadheer Reddy and Sudha. He is 28 years old and Nandini is 27 years old.

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Power stars  Second Wife Renu Desai  is a former model and actress.pawan kalyan and renu desai were in a dating and living together relationship for 8 years  . They Had Two kids Akira Nandan Konidela And  Aadhya Konidela. After divorcing pawan kalyan Renu Desai  is reportedly staying in pune


pawan kalyan anna lezhneva pawan kalyan anna lezhneva third wife

Power stars third wife if rumors are to be true is going to be Anna Lezhneva  . It is rumored that they have a 3 month old baby  .

Apparently Anna Lezhneva threw a lavish Christmas party to celebrate the occasion to her close friends and family and was also attended by Pawan kalyan .

If the certificates from registered office are to be believed they got married on 30th September 2013.

On the other hand Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans believe the image to be morphed and the certificates to be fake . Fans have told that the they believe this  is a ploy to damage the reputation of power star by his opponents .

They have categorically say that they don’t believe in any of these rumors .