Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

Power Star Pawan kalyan Fans Reaction To Rumors On His Third Marriage

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Fans have reacted very angrily and with lot of emotions on rumors about Pawan kalyan’s third marriage which have been telecast and published  on all news channels and newspapers as well as online websites .

Pawan kalyan fans seriously believe this as a ploy to damage power stars image . fans believe there are lot of influential people involved in damaging Pawan’s reputation .

Pawan was reportedly in Pune to celebrate birthday of his second wife Renu Desai  .
Fans Point out that in recent thank you function of Attarintiki Daredi movie pawan kalyan has reportedly said that there are lot of powerful people involved in releasing a pirated version of his film Attarintiki Daredi and he will see to the end of this matter .

Power Star supporters have raised lot of questions
pawan kalyan fans doubts regarding third marriage
1)  Pawan kalyan full name is konidela kalyan babu not  konidala pawan kalyan as shown on the certificates .
2)  There is no govt marriage stamp on the marriage certificate .
3)  On September 27th 2013 Pawan was busy in the issue regarding the release of the pirated version of his movie Attarintiki Daredi, So when did he had time to marry ? .
4)  The name of the heroine in Teenmar is Dana Marks not Anna Lezneva .

5) Up to 26th October 2013 all government registry office are closed due to Seemandra bandh.
6) The signature on the certificates is different from the original signature of Pawan kalyan.
pawan kalyan original; signature


7)  Teenmar heroine Dana marks happily living with her husband
dana marks with her husband

Why is that after 3 months is this news reported by the media and why did they suddenly stop airing the news after 3 days ?
There are lot of unanswered question in these rumors which can only be answered by Mega family or power star pawan kalyan himself until then we can only speculate to the veracity of the rumors .